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            论文题目 作者 发表年度 刊物名称
            Cadmium removal from soil by fulvic acid-aided hydroxyapatite nanofluid Li, Qi 2019 CHEMOSPHERE
            Response of soil carbon to nitrogen and water addition differs between labile and recalcitrant fractions: Evidence from multi-year data and different soil depths in a semi-arid steppe Wang, Ruzhen 2019 CATENA
            Spatiotemporal patterns of carbon storage in forest ecosystems in Hunan Province, China Chen, Long-Chi 2019 FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT
            Biophysical feedback of global forest fires on surface temperature Liu, Zhihua 2019 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
            Soil properties determine the elevational patterns of base cations and micronutrients in the plant-soil system up to the upper limits of trees and shrubs Wang, Ruzhen 2018 BIOGEOSCIENCES
            Stable isotopic constraints on global soil organic carbon turnover Wang Chao 2018 Biogeosciences
            Toxicity of ammonia, cadmium, and nitrobenzene to four local fishes in the Liao River, China and the derivation of site-specific water quality criteria Liu, Zhihong 2018 ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
            Facilitation by leguminous shrubs increases along a precipitation gradient Zhang, Hai-Yang 2018 FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
            Soil microbial food web channels associated with biological soil crusts in desertification restoration: The carbon flow from microbes to nematodes Guan, Pingting 2018 SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY
            Forest conversion induces seasonal variation in microbial beta-diversity Liu, Shengen 2018 ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY
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